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Portable Raman Spectrometers

In 2003, DeltaNu designed Inspector Raman™, the first portable Raman spectrometer. In 2003, we developed RockHound™, the only handheld system specifically designed for the geological sciences market. ReporteR™, the first of our three palm-sized Raman spectrometers, was introduced in 2007, followed by RAPID•ID™ in 2008 and PHARMA•ID™ in 2010. These lightweight, easy to use systems are used to identify the chemical composition of liquids, powders, gels, and solid materials in real time. DeltaNu also offers two portable stand-off Raman spectrometers: the ObserveR™ handheld medium range spectrometer and the ObserveR LR long range spectrometer. Both models keep users at safe distances when identifying hazardous chemicals, explosives and other unknown materials. DeltaNu’s low cost portable Raman spectrometers are used throughout the world in multiple markets for a diverse range of applications.

PHARMA-ID ReporteR RAPID-ID ObserveR Inspector Raman RockHound